How to Make Group Video Calls on Telegram –

How to Make Group Video Calls on Telegram

How to Make Group Video Calls on Telegram | Telegram has just fulfilled its promise of adding group video chat to its mobile and desktop apps. The latest update will now allow users to turn their group voice calls into group video calls.

Apart from group video calling, Telegram has brought some interface-level changes through the latest update. These changes include the addition of animated backgrounds, new messaging animations, and new animated emojis. The updated Telegram also includes a dedicated menu button for bots.

The most significant change that Telegram brings through the update is the ability to allow users to convert a group voice call to a group video call.

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Users just need to tap on the camera icon in a group voice call to activate the video. Once enabled, you can pin any of your group members to view their videos on the front. Telegram has also provided screen share options and even feed your camera and screen at the same time.

How to Make Group Video Calls on Telegram

Here’s how to make a group video call on Telegram (group video call):

  1. Go to your Telegram chat screen and tap on your group.
  2. Then tap the group name/icon to enter the group details.
  3. Tap the vertical ellipse icon in the top right corner.
  4. Then select Start Voice chat.
  5. Select Start Voice Chat again.
  6. This will start your Voice chat. To switch to video chat, just tap on the camera icon on the left to activate your video.

  7. Then tap Share Camera Video.
  8. Your camera is now turned on. You can tap on the video to make it full screen.

  9. If you want to stay focused on someone’s video, tap Pin.
  10. This will be your main video screen and will be centered even when other members come and go.

How to Invite friends to your group video call

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  1. To invite members of your group to a video call, tap Invite members.
  2. On the next screen, just tap on the member of the group you want to invite.
  3. Alternatively, you can tap on Copy Invite Link and share this link with your friends and family who may not be part of the group.

You can also share your phone screen on a group video call. In fact, you can share your phone screen and camera feed at the same time. Here’s how to share your screen on Telegram:

  1. Tap the vertical ellipsis icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select Share screen.
  3. Tap Start now.
  4. Now, everything on your phone screen will be shared with others.

This can be especially useful when working, playing, or viewing memorable photos and videos with family members in group chats.


How many people can join the group video chat?

While the voice chat participants can be unlimited, the video chat option is only available for the first 30 people who join the voice chat.

Who can start a voice/video chat?

Only admins or group owners can start Telegram group voice/video chats.

What happens when the host /admin leaves the chat?

Hosts have the option to leave the voice/video chat, or end it for everyone.

Can we make a video chat recording?

No, the recording option only works for voice chat. Participants can also see when members record voice chats.

Can we disable new participants?

Yes, you can mute the new participant by going to the “Edit permissions” option in the chat menu. This helps to stay focused on the core members who initially joined the voice/video chat.

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